Night sky near Alice remembered, 2011 (detail)

Faridah Cameron’s painting has evolved from her experiences living and working in many different cultural environments in Australia and overseas.

In 1993, after completing her BA (Fine Art) in the Northern Territory, she co-founded a visual theatre company based in Queensland with international theatre director Neil Cameron. As artistic director and principal artist she oversaw the design and creation of stunning imagery for dozens of events across Australia.

In 2002 Faridah altered the focus of her work to full time studio practice. In her paintings, she explores the complexities and implications of our relationship to the natural environment, and to one another. Her imagery is underpinned by a longstanding interest in mythology and cultural interpretation.

After completing her Master of Fine Art degree in Queensland, Faridah relocated her practice to Hobart in 2004. She has been a finalist in the Alice Prize (Packing Room Prize 2014), Blake Prize (Highly Commended in 2012, 2013), Togart Contemporary Art Prize (2009, 2012), Bay of Fires Art Prize (2012), Glover Prize (2010, 2011, 2013), Archangel Art Prize (2009, 2010), Sovereign Asian Art Prize (2005) and Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize (2005).

Her work has been supported by grants from local, state and federal government. She has taught at universities, schools and communities throughout Australia.

Faridah is represented in Tasmania by Handmark Gallery.