In Alice

CAMERON Faridah_History_acrylic on canvas_175 x 175cm copy

One of my paintings was shortlisted in the Alice Prize this year.

It’s a long time since I’ve been in Alice. The first few times I went, in the early 90s, I was working on community theatre projects: River of Dreams in the Todd River bed, then Seeds of Fire on the clay pans out near the gap. For this second project we were based at Araluen Art Centre and the Alice Prize was on show while we were there. As so often in the NT, the work was vibrant, and I loved the mix of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal art.

In the intervening years, memories of Alice have turned up in my paintings from time to time.

This painting, entitled History, just felt like it belonged there. The unpackers and hangers must have seen something in it too, because they gave it their award.

I haven’t been in Alice for many years, but at least my painting has. And the desert still calls me. Maybe I’ll get back there soon.

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