Month: November 2016

The colour of midnight

Last year I visited Japan in order to learn more about Japanese textiles. As part of that exploration I undertook a short course in indigo dyeing.

Since then I have been painting towards a solo exhibition at Handmark Gallery in Hobart this coming January. Indigo has been the base colour for nearly every canvas. After a few attempts at variation, I just had to accept indigo as the force majeure in this body of work.

Once, when I was living in the Northern Territory, I swam in the Katherine Gorge late at night. The land was still warm with the heat of the day, but the water was cool. The surface of the pool reflected the stars and the night sky; it rippled like satin as I moved through it.

That’s what it has felt like to paint these works in indigo.

CAMERON_Faridah_Sashiko 3 (rising)_acrylic on canvas_110 x 175 cm copy.jpg

Sashiko 3 (detail)